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A Cinematic Celebration of Diversity and Creativity!
GATFFEST proudly stands as the Caribbean’s premier community short film festival, an enchanting space where the magic of storytelling takes centre stage on the big screen.

Our Origin Story

Born out of the esteemed Greater August Town Film Project, now reimagined as the UWI Community Film Project, GATFFEST has emerged as a cinematic celebration like no other. Our journey began with a visionary mission – to provide a dedicated platform for the exceptionally talented graduates of the UWI Community Film Project to unveil their cinematic creations. The inaugural Greater August Town Film Festival (GATFFEST), held from June 20-23, 2013, mesmerized audiences with a captivating array of films meticulously crafted by the community's aspiring filmmakers. The festival's vibrant atmosphere resonated across The University of the West Indies and the prestigious Palace Cineplex theatre.

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You’re invited to become part of our Gatffest community. There are some of ways that you can join us and share in the excitement of GATFFEST Film Festival.

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